Possible Bug - Why does ShoppingCartInfoProvider.SetOrder set address for new orders only

Matthew Butler asked on October 17, 2022 09:11

ShoppingCartInfoProvider.SetOrder works for carts with new orders and existing orders, and saves everything except things like invoice number and creating user as expected. But it also doesn't save the address and I'm not sure why?



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Jeroen Fürst answered on December 13, 2022 08:23 (last edited on December 13, 2022 08:23)

Hi Matthew,

Did you check the list of fixed bugs in hotfixes? Otherwise I would send a mail to Kentico Support with detailed instructions how you can reproduce the issue in the latest version of Kentico. I would also recommend testing it in the Dancing Goat starter site.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Jeroen

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