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Upasak Majumder asked on March 29, 2019 14:13

Hi All, Can anybody explain me how authentication will get invoked from Ping into Kentico.

Here is a current scenario which I am working now.

In Kentico we are hosting few websites and the websites are using claim based authentication .I have a website aka which is SSO configured and based on SAML2.0 communication protocol.So when I give my user credentials in the ping Federate after it authenticates my SAML2.0 response it redirects me to one of the Kentico module. But for other website aka when I am giving my user credentials in the Ping Federate it redirects to the Login page of Kentico which I don't Like.Can I know what configurations I need to do so that after giving my credentials to the ping Federate it will lead to Kentico module.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on March 29, 2019 14:20

More details here would be really useful...

Are you going to use Ping as identity provider? What approach are you going to use? Claims based auth? If so please check out relevant documentation section.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on March 29, 2019 14:57 (last edited on March 29, 2019 14:57)

Technically you are supposed to sign in only once on one of web sites. There are global events and some examples. I guess the idea is to contact your ping federate on SecurityEvents.Authentication.Execute and see if a user is authenticated and if yes you just sign him in. Essentially it should happen once per user per web site.

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