Paypal with custom checkout process

Mihir Patel asked on April 11, 2019 16:26

Kentico v.11.0

I have configured paypal at two places 1. Payment method in store configuration 2. Paypal configuration at setting - ecommerce - paymentGateway - paypal

I have written below custom checkout code, on "Place Order" button click.

result = Service.Resolve(IPaymentGatewayProcessor)().ProcessPayment(PaymentGatewayProvider, data);

It gives me error : "Unable to finish payment: Unexpected error has occurred."

Error log details: {"name":"VALIDATION_ERROR","details":[{"field":"","issue":"This field currently not supported in this request"},{"field":"transactions[0].amount","issue":"Transaction amount details (subtotal, tax, shipping) must add up to specified amount total"}],"message":"Invalid request - see details","information_link":"","debug_id":"17ab7d454869a"}

I tried with KENTICO E-Commerce example/sample site with paypal checkout and face similar error like below:

{"name":"VALIDATION_ERROR","details":[{"field":"","issue":"This field currently not supported in this request"}],"message":"Invalid request - see details","information_link":"","debug_id":"c5c5f4f33c49e"}

It seems api version is different may be..

reply will be greate help!

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