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Devwork AL asked on March 4, 2021 04:32


I am having problem saving page content edited with the PageBuilder. When I edit page content with a EditableArea, the changes don't get saved everytime. Or this could be the after saving the editor doesn't reflects the updated content. Kentico 13, hotfix 12, using MVC.

There is no error in the Event log. Event log: 3/4/2021 11:02:15 AM Content UPDATEDOC administrator ::1 Home

This is my controller code.

        //bool showLatest = HttpContext.Kentico().PageBuilder().EditMode || HttpContext.Kentico().Preview().Enabled;

        TreeNode page = (TreeNode)pageRetriever.Retrieve<TreeNode>(query => query
                    .Path("/Home", PathTypeEnum.Single).LatestVersion(true))

        return View("Index", page);

This is the codes for my View.

@using Kentico.PageBuilder.Web.Mvc
@using Kentico.Web.Mvc

@model Kentico.Content.Web.Mvc.Routing.IPageViewModel<CMS.DocumentEngine.Types.TF.Home>

    ViewBag.Title = Model.Page.pagetitle;

@section styles
    @* Includes CSS necessary for page builder functionality *@
@section scripts
    @* Includes scripts necessary for page builder functionality *@

                        var optionsDefaultSection = new EditableAreaOptions
                            DefaultSectionIdentifier = "TF.EmptySection"
                    @Html.Kentico().EditableArea("whoweareHTML", optionsDefaultSection)

I did get some JS error like vendors.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read property 'sectionRestrictions' of undefined vendors.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read property 'sections' of undefined

How should I resolve this?

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Brian McKeiver answered on March 5, 2021 17:27 (last edited on March 5, 2021 17:42)

Might need a few more pieces of information here. Are you using MVC5 or .Net Core with your 13 instance? Is there any kind of caching in your code around that controller? Is your content under workflow? Does it do this for every single page and page type in page builder, or just this one page type?

Also, I did just see hotfix 13.0.14 has something fixed that seems close to this:

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