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Kristopher Maier asked on October 19, 2016 15:53

We have a library section where there is a section home page that displays field data on the home page that then links to the actual page. My issue is that I have archived this page and would expect the data from the home page to not appear. If I click on the link to the archived page the page does not exist but I am curious to why the text would even show up on the section home page at all if the page is archived?

here is the code used for the home page "teaser content" to display:

<%# Eval("displayText") %>

<%# Eval("teaserDescrip") %>

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Roman Hutnyk answered on October 19, 2016 16:29

Do you use some viewer to pull that data? If yes - make sure select only published is checked in web part properties.

Also I'd try to clear cache - it could be cached and will go away when cache expires.

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Kristopher Maier answered on October 19, 2016 16:32

Thank you!

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