Page Builder not working when using Domain Alias

Pierre Clément asked on June 3, 2022 16:57


I followed the documentation for enabling the Page Builder into my Kentico 13 Core Web Application hotfix 13.0.70. I was able to make it work with the following urls.

  • Administration domain name: localhost
  • Presentation URL: http://localhost:25291

From what I understood, even if both have the same domain name, they are treated as different domains since it uses another port.

I have also been able to make it work with different domains names and it works fine. The problem is when I add Domain aliases, navigate to that administration domain alias, then the Page Builder and the Preview refuses to render the content. The Page Builder seems to only work for the domain and presentation written in the General tab.

Is it a bug or there's some additionnal code that I need to put in the Core WebApplication?

What I want is to have 3 domains alias for the administration as well as the presentation because i'm going to use the CI to push the data to the server, which needs to have those alias to be able to associate the url with the right site in Kentico. So, the main administration url will be the production as well as the prensentation url and the aliases will be for the tests environments and localhost.

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Brian McKeiver answered on June 4, 2022 16:26

Yes, since it is two domains, due to port difference, I'd recommend enabling and using HTTPS in your setup. That may be why it is not working. Check out this documentation: They key is this diagram:

samsite mode requirements

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Pierre Clément answered on June 6, 2022 20:03

Hello Mr. McKeiver,

I am able to use https for the local domain and the problem still persists. I am able to only activate the Page Builder when the navigated URL is the ones that are set in the General Tab. Everytime that I put the Domain Alias and use those in my browser, the Page Builder doesn't work.

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