page attachments in a transformation

lawrence whittemore asked on March 13, 2015 19:22

how can I get the document attachments to show in a repeater? this is what I have tried

<%@ Register Src="~/CMSInlineControls/DocumentAttachments.ascx" TagName="DocumentAttachments" TagPrefix="cms" %>
    <td><%# Eval("Name") %></td>

<cms:DocumentAttachments ID="pageAttachments" runat="server" ZeroRowsText="No documents available."
TransformationName="cms.root.attachment" AttachmentGroupGUID="eae4c573-9c5e-4b53-941c-5be7609fc395" />

Correct Answer

lawrence whittemore answered on March 13, 2015 20:29

using this control fixed it. <%@ Register Src="~/CMSModules/Content/Controls/Attachments/DocumentAttachments/DocumentAttachments.ascx" TagName="DocumentAttachments" TagPrefix="cms" %>

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