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Jason Howard asked on December 17, 2015 12:36

If a user registers and then logs out of a site and another user in the same browser registers then only one contact record is created but associated to both users and as the user class is configured to update (and overwrite) the contact record the other users 'contact' data is overwritten when they register or update their personal details.

I can remove the CurrentContact cookie/session variable when a user logs out but thought there may be a Kentico setting for this which would create distinct contact records for each user. Is there such a setting?

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Pavel Jiřík answered on January 5, 2016 15:56 (last edited on January 5, 2016 16:04)

Hi, there aren't any settings in Kentico to change this behavior when on-line marketing features are enabled.

Currently, the contact is assigned to one or more user accounts if these accounts don't exist in the system yet. So, if a contact arrives to your website and registers a NEW user account, the account will be assigned to it. If the contact logs out and creates another user account, the account will be assigned to it as well. This would go on and on and one contact would end up having more than one user account.

However, if a contact arrives to your website and logs into some user account that already exists in the system, the contact will be linked with this user account only. If such a contact logs out and logs into another already existing user account, the contact will be linked ONLY to that second account instead (from the time the contact logged into this second account).

To sum it up - if a contact logs to already existing user account, it will be linked to this account only (so one contact will always have one user account only). If a contact keeps creating new user accounts, he will be linked to all of them.

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