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Stefan Sturm asked on July 21, 2020 15:35


we recently updated our Kentico vom version 8 to 12. Since the update we run into some strange cache problems!

For K8 we used this:


This worked perfectly, now I'm searching the equivalent for K12.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards


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Dmitry Bastron answered on July 21, 2020 16:11

Hi Stefan,

You can find all API changes here in the documentation with a quite handy search. To your question, it's a bit tricky to find the correct answer there as 4 major versions are quite a jump.

Try out the following call:

ProviderHelper.ClearHashtables(OrderInfo.OBJECT_TYPE, true);
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David te Kloese answered on July 21, 2020 15:46


this was removed. You can use method

System.Void CMS.DataEngine.AbstractProvider.ClearHashtables(System.String, System.System.Boolean)


You can see this and other API changes at: https://devnet.kentico.com/documentation/api-changes/kentico-12

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Stefan Sturm answered on July 21, 2020 16:02


ok seems like for K12 its now:

CMS.DataEngine.AbstractInfoProvider<TInfo, TProvider, TQuery>

regarding to: https://devnet.kentico.com/documentation/api-changes/kentico-12/26139

I'm not sure how to implement this.

Can you provide a pixel using the K12 Api (AbstractInfoProvider)?

Thank you

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