Options for reducing account sharing

Howard Nicholls asked on October 12, 2016 22:33

Our current Kentico site sells memberships to content and it works fine.

The issue we have is the subsequent misuse of these accounts (sharing). We suspect a number of companies are sharing credential which are supposed to be limited a single user.

I haven't be able to find any features of Kentico that help with the above issue?

How can we get more visibility on how accounts are being used? and or how can we restrict accounts (concurrent login limits?)

We can customise code if necessary

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Jan Hermann answered on October 12, 2016 22:54 (last edited on October 12, 2016 23:12)

There are many approaches to limit concurrent users. Do you want to restrict access for newly signed users when there is already a user signed in with same credentials, or do you want to sign out a user if a new user signs in with same credentials?

Moreover, you could also limit access to the system according to IP address or a contact (IP address + user agent of a browser) to have just one location one user can sign in from.

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