Online marketing: having folder-like containers to manage contacts and who can manage them

Ozgur Ozguven asked on December 7, 2015 13:55

One of the web sites we manage with Kentico has sections (effectively sub-sites) that are managed by different users/roles. We do this by having different permisions for ~/SubSite1, ~/SubSite2 etc.

They now want to have a similar seperation on the 'Contact management' app. The idea is that editors of ~/SubSite1 will have their own set of contacts only visible to them, editors of ~/SubSite2 will have their own set of contacts only visible to them etc. Is this possible?

If not, what would be our options? We don't really want to go for seperate sites altoghether as they are really not seperate sites but mini sub-sites.

Any help and advice will be much appreciated.


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Martin Hejtmanek answered on December 7, 2015 14:47

Hi, if you don't have Global contacts enabled (see Settings - On-line marketing - Contact management - Global data & merging), contacts are managed per site, so it should match exactly what you need.

If you have those "sites" implemented just as sub-folders of one logical site (Kentico doesn't know you have more sites), then it may be more challenging. In that case you might want to try to use contact groups to manage individual groups of contacts based on some specific custom flag, but it still won't provide that much luxury as the native per-site approach.

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