Not able to save master

javier saenz asked on October 7, 2016 20:11

I'm trying to edit the master page (moving the scripts section) but I'm not able to save it, when i click the botton there is not action at all
Note: I just update kentico7 to kentico9
Recently someone asked a very similar question but its solutions did not solve mine

Correct Answer

Roman Hutnyk answered on October 10, 2016 10:07

Did upgrade went smoothly? Do you experience any other issues in Kentico admin? Do you see any js error in browser console? Usually there are issues after upgrade related to cached data... try clearing browser cache, Kentico cache, restarting Kentico and app pool.

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Joshua Adams answered on October 7, 2016 20:37

Any form on the page or validation happening? Sometimes if you have custom validation, and its not set to a validation group, it can prevent the save from occurring.

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javier saenz answered on October 7, 2016 23:56

I don't have any custom component

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