No media library after custom install

Delford Chaffin asked on February 24, 2014 15:44

I did a custom install with KIM7 and afterwards, there is no Media tab in the CMS Desk > Tools. I can accept that I may have inadvertently disabled it when un-checking things I didn't want in the install, but is there no way to add it after?

If I go to Site Manager > Sites > [SITE EDIT] > Site Objects > Modules, it lists Media Libraries under the modules in use, but the files are not in the file system for the module (i.e. under /CMSModules, there is no MediaLibrary folder). I tried dragging the files from the Kentico WebInstaller folder in Program Files to my site and I still have no Media tab.

I even see what looks like the setting for the module under Site Manager > Settings > Content > Media. So, what gives? If the Media Library module is not installed, why are there so many indications to the contrary. And more importantly, how do I get it installed?

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Delford Chaffin answered on February 24, 2014 15:55

Wow! Found it. Accidentally. I thought I'd walk through the Kentico Web Installer again to see where I missed the Media Library bit and noticed that in Step 2(!) of the installer, it gives me the option to modify an existing Kentico installation. Why is it there? Why is there no option to modify an installation by clicking on the site in the list? Oh well, I hope this post saves someone else some pain.

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