Newbie Question: How do I design a Kentico site with multi roles collaborating on Create, Read, Upda

Fun Chiat Chan asked on December 4, 2015 03:52

From Kentico v9 tutorial, website uses computer, as example, to create products. It guides an administrator to create computer types and computers details. Here are the steps defined by tutorial, just so to be clear what I am talking about. • In the Pages application, select the Products page in the content tree. • Click New ( ) and choose the Computer page type.

In my past experience outside Kentico, websites have own dedicated functions to CRUD products. Example a dedicated page to Create, Read, Update and Delete products. Then this job is then assigned to business roles. Example store operator, salesman or store manager. In tutorial, Computer product maintenance (CRUD) are done via administrative page via Administrator login using Pages application.

This is my first time exploring Kentico. What is the way to design a Kentico app that operator/salesman/manager can maintain the website products? If I ask them to follow tutorial steps, they end up in a Application Dashboard alongside access to Licenses, Roles, Web Parts, Widgets, Settings etc

In reality, my app needs multiple roles to collaborate 1. Third party who supply the products. They are representatives from multi companies 2. Buyers who wants to own the product. They are ordinary people like me 3. Business rule makers that define eligibility and shortlisting of buyers. They are from government

Can you imagine what if I asked all three of them to access the admin http://localhost/Kentico9/Admin/cmsadministration.aspx? Help at this point I am not sure how to develop such a scenario using Kentico!

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Roman Hutnyk answered on December 4, 2015 14:50

Kentico allows you to create roles and configure access to any module within it (Permissions) as well as enable/disable UI elements in the Admin section (UI Personalization). I'm usually configure roles for Admin section, so they can see the least features they need, so they are not confused with features, they will never use. Check this blog in order to get some more details.

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Timothy Fenton answered on December 4, 2015 17:10

Hello, just wanted to add some more documentation to Roman's reply for completeness:

More info on Managing Roles:

More info on Configuring Permissions:

More Info on Configuring UI Personalization:

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Fun Chiat Chan answered on December 7, 2015 03:00

Suppose, each of these roles interact with one another by validating each others' choice. Property developer would process buyer's bookings. Government would regulate buyer's eligibility (a lot of rules here). Government would approve property developer's editing to types. etc etc etc

What areas of Kentico should I explore to incorporate logic?

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