Multiple Wildcards in URL

Alistair DeJonge asked on September 12, 2016 23:33

Is there a way to be able to use multiple wildcards in Wildcard URLS, where the user is able to enter either wildcard or both wildcards, and the Smart Search results will still show properly?

Am I able to do an AND/OR thing with wildcard URLS?

Correct Answer

Matthew Kayan answered on January 19, 2017 15:55

I think this will allow you to have multiple, optional wildcards on a page's URLs.

Enter multiple wildcard URLs for a given page:
* /my/path/{name}
* /my/path/{name}/{company}
* /my/pathnoname/{company}

This should give you a way to get:
* just Name,
* both Name and Company, or
* just Company

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