Multiple dummy cache keys

Aaron Macdonald asked on November 2, 2022 08:38


The documentation does not seem to explain how to set multiple cache dependencies, and we have a particular requirement for it.

As a simplified example say we have MVC output caching enabled, and we want a controller action's output cache to depend on two different pages with dummy keys:

  • node|mysite|/path1/page1
  • node|mysite|/path2/page2

Can we combine these with something like comma separation as in the following?

  • node|mysite|/path1/page1,node|mysite|/path2/page2

If not, then we'd much appreciate an explanation for how this can be done.

Correct Answer

Aaron Macdonald answered on November 3, 2022 01:57

The simple answer in this case was that there are overrides:

  • HttpContext.Response.AddCacheItemDependency
  • HttpContext.Response.AddCacheItemDependencies

Recommend adding a note to this page:

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