Multiple Custom Bizform layout and preserve its selected control state

Rakesh Kumar asked on June 2, 2014 07:49

I have to create a multi step bizform for contact us based on the following point.

  1. First form contain User type Radio Button List and Help type controls with Submit Button
  2. Second form contain again Radio Button list control
  3. Third form contain Login or Registration control
  4. Fourth form Thank You page

Here User can back and forth to 1-3 page and Selected option must be preserved

My approach 0. I create Field with Empty allow checked 1. I created a Bizform clone and change the content like Next button and its event 2.I created a Bizform field like UserType and HelpType 3.I created First Form for User-Type and Help-Type in Form custom layout control 4. I created Second Form and Third Form as Alternative Form

Now I stuck How can I get custom form layout to get and set field value for preserve control state while user back and forth on button click

Is the above step is the right approach?

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