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Lindsay Remington asked on January 3, 2020 15:22

I would like to create ONE promotion code that allows for multiple, different product discounts. Please see two examples of what I am trying to achieve below:

Ex. 1

SKU 1: $10 off

SKU 2: $15 off

SKU 3: $20 off

To receive any of the above discounts, the user would enter code PROMO1

Ex. 2

SKU 1: $10.99 Fixed Price

SKU 2: $12.99 Fixed Price

SKU 3: $14.99 Fixed Price

To receive the above discounts, the user would enter code PROMO2

I am looking for guidance on how to achieve this. Thanks!

Recent Answers

Roman Hutnyk answered on January 6, 2020 10:01

For the first case you could use fixed amount product coupon, however you would have to create a separate coupon for different discount value. Here is relevant documentation.

Regarding second case I'm not sure it is possible to implement with out of the box features, you might need to implement custom discount.

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