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hassan kalach asked on September 29, 2017 08:59

so i have a website that has a default language Arabic and now i have added the English version , so on the Arabic version the link have Arabic links like /الوزارة/رسالة-من-الوزير.aspx and thats great but in the English version the links have the same Arabic texts i need them to look in English not Arabic

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Matt Nield answered on September 29, 2017 10:33

Hi hassan, you're able to customise the alias based on the culture being used. The Setting page aliases documentation explains in more detail.

That allows the URLs to work, the next chanllenge is getting Kentico to render the correct link for the currently selected culture. For that, I think you're going to need a custom method. You'll need somethign similar to GetDocumentCultureUrls().Where(u => u.CultureCode == CMSContext.CurrentDocumentCulture.CodeName).Url to pull out the correct URL in your transfomations etc.

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Emily Dean answered on September 29, 2017 14:50 (last edited on October 2, 2017 08:52)

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hassan kalach answered on September 29, 2017 15:33

thank you Matt nield i will look it up

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