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Filip Joosen asked on August 19, 2021 12:42

I'm following the builders tutorial, specifically step Exercise: Creating a page infrastructure. It mentions there to edit the existing "Landing Page" page type, but there is no such page type present in the admin application. The complete solution (xperience-training-13) also does not contain any reference to a file with name "landingpage" except in the CMS folder.

I've re-read the entire course up until then but I have not found a step I missed where this page type would've been imported.

What am I missing?

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Brian McKeiver answered on August 23, 2021 22:27

@Filip Joosen - the Builders view of the Learning Kit live site has instructions on how to create the Landing Page Page Type. https://github.com/KenticoInternal/LearningKit-Core/blob/main/LearningKitCore/Views/Home/Builders.cshtml
(do a control-F for LandingPage on that page.)

Is that what you are looking for?

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Filip Joosen answered on August 24, 2021 10:20

I realized that I started this course before the builder module was added to the online course, so it makes sense that my local install didn't have this builder-enabled content yet.

Thank you for the reference!

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