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Kelly Shepard asked on May 5, 2016 15:41

I exported a site and imported it to our production environment. When exporting, I somehow have managed to NOT INCLUDE attachments (images that referenced by /getattachment/). I would like to just export attachments and import them instead of re-doing the whole process. In the export process, what do I select to ensure I am including attachments?

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Chetan Sharma answered on May 5, 2016 16:13

You need to make sure that you are exporting on Media atachments.

1. Go to a website, click on it's export site icon. 
2. It will show Pre-select all objects. Click Next.
3. On the next where it shows all object. Click on the button De-select All.
4. CLick on All Objects -> Website - Content Management -> Media libraries
5. Check export Media Files and Export Physical files and make the export package.
6. On the targeted server import this package to the existing website and you are done.

In nutshell you need to make sure that you export only media files from the local server and import them to the targeted server

Thanks, Chetan

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Kelly Shepard answered on May 5, 2016 16:46 (last edited on May 5, 2016 16:55)

So I don't want to export the physical files as this seems to cause my app to restart when importing. And, when using the Direct uploader that is creating these images as attachments, these don't get stored in the physical file system like my media library files do. Why would I need to export physical files?

Tell me this, am I able to use content staging to push the attachments over? In staging if I choose documents and select the document that has the attachment and sync it to production will this work?

Update - staging method worked ;-)

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