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Cristhian Caldas asked on June 15, 2016 22:21


After a Kentico site upgrade to version 9 i was trying to open the board page in "Message Board", but the page throw the following error:

[UniGrid] : Error during reloading data.

On Event log page displays the following information related to the error:

Message: [SqlHelper.ReplaceOrderBy]: Missing ##ORDERBY## macro in the query text 'SELECT TOP 150 [BoardID], [BoardDisplayName], [BoardEnabled], [BoardModerated], [BoardMessages], [BoardLastMessageTime], [BoardDocumentID], [BoardOpened], [NodeID], [NodeSiteID], [DocumentNamePath], [DocumentCulture], [ClassName] FROM Board_Board JOIN View_CMS_Tree_Joined ON (BoardDocumentID = DocumentID) AND (NodeLinkedNodeID IS NULL) AND ((BoardSiteID = 1)) AND ((BoardGroupID IS NULL OR BoardGroupID = 0))', cannot apply the specified order by 'BoardDisplayName ASC'.

Do you know any way to solve this error ?

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Dawid Jachnik answered on June 16, 2016 10:01 (last edited on June 16, 2016 10:06)


it looks like your upgrade proccess wasn't successfull. Make sure you update all files. If yes I would make again upgrade.

Did you follow instructions during upgrade process?

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