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Tom Troughton asked on July 7, 2015 12:37

I want to add a custom tab to Kentico's Media selection form control, but having examined the code it's not clear to me how to start with such a customisation. Please will someone point me in the right direction?

What I actually want is a dialog form control which has two tabs - one a choice of file from media library, and the other a custom control which integrates with a 3rd party system, so if this would be easier to build from scratch that's fine. Any advice appreciated.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on July 7, 2015 18:10


There is URL selector control, which has 4 tabs: content, media library, attachments and web, but it is configurable, so you can disable (hide) content and attachments tab. Media library will allow users to select file from media library and web will allow the to paste a URL of media file in 3rd party system.

Not sure this meets your requirements, just as an idea.

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Tom Troughton answered on July 8, 2015 15:34

Thanks for your answer but no. I do need a custom tab which will contain a custom interface with a 3rd party asset management system API.

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