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Jayesh Patil asked on October 9, 2015 16:23

I written code that convert one images to four different images save to one media library my requirement is to copy one of image to other media library with code.

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Jan Hermann answered on October 12, 2015 10:15


The SetMediaFileInfo should do the job:

private bool CreateMediaFile()
    // Prepare the parameters
    string filePath = "~/CMSAPIExamples/Code/Tools/MediaLibrary/Files/Powered_by_kentico2.gif";

    // Get media library
    MediaLibraryInfo library = MediaLibraryInfoProvider.GetMediaLibraryInfo("MyNewLibrary", SiteContext.CurrentSiteName);
    if (library != null)
        // Create new media file object
        MediaFileInfo mediaFile = new MediaFileInfo(Server.MapPath(filePath), library.LibraryID);

        // Create file info
        FileInfo file = FileInfo.New(Server.MapPath(filePath));
        if (file != null)
            // Set the properties
            mediaFile.FileName = "MyNewFile";
            mediaFile.FileTitle = "My new file title";
            mediaFile.FileDescription = "My new file description.";
            mediaFile.FilePath = "MyNewFolder/MyNewFile.gif";
            mediaFile.FileExtension = file.Extension;
            mediaFile.FileMimeType = "image/gif";
            mediaFile.FileSiteID = SiteContext.CurrentSiteID;
            mediaFile.FileLibraryID = library.LibraryID;
            mediaFile.FileSize = file.Length;

            // Create the media file

            return true;

    return false;

Best Regards,
Jan Hermann

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