MaxMind's new free GeoLite2 database is a MMDB file

A. Karam asked on June 14, 2016 20:51

My team is currently on Kentico 8.2, and we get geographic data by using MaxMind's free GeoLite database. However, we’ve learned that the GeoLite data is no longer maintained. MaxMind has released a new free database format, GeoLite2, which seems to be the one that they're regularly maintaining.

For example, we have a Mexico IP address that is incorrectly listed as a United States IP in the GeoLite database. We submitted a data correction to MaxMind, and they updated the GeoLite2 database, not the GeoLite one. We determined this by looking up the IP in both GeoLite and GeoLite2; in GeoLite, it was still incorrect, but in GeoLite2 it was correctly listed as a Mexico IP.

I would think, then, that it would make sense for us to use the GeoLite2 database moving forward. But there’s a problem: while the binary file for GeoLite is a DAT, the binary file for GeoLite2 is a MMDB, which is a MaxMind-created format.

In the relevant Kentico 8.2 documentation found here,, the instructions all indicate using a DAT file. There’s nothing that references or affirms that using a MMDB file, or any other format, is acceptable.

Is there a solution to this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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David te Kloese answered on June 15, 2016 10:38


not sure if it works but there is mentioning of a conversion posted on StackOverflow (old post):

But might get you started. I'd say contact Kentico support ( they might have an alternative.


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