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Aasim Khan asked on June 26, 2015 08:05


I created one biz form. In this form i am generating one unique token number using form API after the form submission. My requirement is when the form is submitted i want to show thank you message along this token number as well. I mean, i want to make dynamic thank you message or override default thank you message.

Please advice me how can i do this.

Regards, Aasim Afridi

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Debashis Raybiztech answered on July 13, 2015 12:44 (last edited on January 22, 2016 08:16)


Hi Aasim,

After completing all validation in biz form when you click on the submit button it should redirect to another page. For this You have to create one page template for your thank you message.On button click on the bizform give the redirect url to this page template. To know more Ray Business Technology

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