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Roopa Lakshmanaiah asked on August 13, 2019 17:03


I'm new to Kentico and we are exploring Kentico for a new client. I installed trial version of Kentico12 on my local laptop which installed SQLServer v11.0 with it. Now, I'm trying to connect to the DB using SQL developer. I do not know what user name and password I'm supposed to give for the connection. I need to connect to the Kentico DB to understand the table structures and how the user data is saved. We have separate DB now and we are looking at having the user data migrated to Kentico.

Thanks, Roopa

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Ketan Hirapara answered on August 13, 2019 18:08

You can get the connection details from the web.config from the Webapp solution as well DancingGoat application under
< connectionStrings >
//here you can find the connection details
< /connectionStrings >

  For accessing the admin site 
  there is a default credentials

  User Name : Administrator
  Password  :

  Default Password should be blank if not set.
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