List of Pages Not Appearing on Local Kentico CMS

Ryan A asked on June 21, 2023 17:10

Hi, I'm trying to set up a local copy of a Kentico site. The actual site itself is managed by a vendor we work with, but the developers have granted me access to the repository so that I can create my own local copy and work on it. This includes the source code and a copy of the database.

I'm able to set up the project on Visual Studio, launch the CMS and have it connect to the database copy. However, while I can see the data loaded from the database, and things like users, page types and modules can be seen in the CMS, the list of pages does not appear. What I get instead is just the root folder but no other pages underneath it.

I'm currently working with the vendor to see what solutions I could try but I also figured I could try asking here as well.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the cause could be and what solutions I could try?


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Radek Macalik answered on June 22, 2023 11:40


In order to consider potential causes and solutions for this issue, could you please clarify what version of Kentico you use for this particular project and what is its development model? For example, is it the Portal engine of MVC5/.NET Core? Pages are constructed and designed in completely different ways based on the development model, so having this info would help. Thank you.

Best Regards, Kentico Support

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Ryan A answered on June 22, 2023 14:39

Hi Radek, the site is currently on Kentico v13.0.17 and is using the .NET Core development model.

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Liam Goldfinch answered on June 23, 2023 23:24

Do you get any javascript errors or console errors in the browser?

Have you checked the Kentico event log?

Might be useful to provide a screenshot of what it looks like too if possible?

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Ryan A answered on June 30, 2023 20:08 (last edited on June 30, 2023 20:12)

I don't think there's anything relevant in the event log. It's simply status updates about web farms starting.

An image of the event log

And here's what the Pages section of the admin interface looks like right now. I expect pages to populate from my database to this list but I just get the root and nothing else.

Pages feature with a list of empty pages

However, I did try making a page out of curiosity and I saw that I had a network error according to the console logs.

Error message produced in console log: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Image of an attempt to create a page, on the right there is an error message: pagetemplatesmvc_networkerror

I am currently running the admin interface via IIS Express, if that helps. So it looks like I might have to set up the set through Local IIS.

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