Linking Form Submit to Event Registration

Matt Bridges asked on July 29, 2016 16:03

I want to add a form to a page and when that form is submitted I need to automatically create a event registration, based on the form data. My problem is that I don't know how to link the form submit to the event registration.

Another complexity, is that the client wants to create a single form, place it on various pages, with each page being a different event registration.

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Joshua Adams answered on July 29, 2016 16:33

First, you could clone the bizform webpart, and create an on after save event, that will create the registration. As far as what registration to place the person under, you can create a field on the page type that you will be placing the form on, which allows you to select the event that you want the registration to take place. So for each page of your page type, you will have a field that is a dropdown list or something of those lines where you choose the event, then the custom form webpart looks at that property on the page, and registers the attendee under the appropriate event based on the selected item on your page inside of the onaftersave event built into forms.

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Laura Frese answered on July 31, 2016 23:44 (last edited on August 1, 2016 00:11)

I agree with Joshua's suggestion - clone the biz form web part and edit it.

To create relationships between the biz form submission page and the event registration you could hard code the relationship between the pages path or documentname & the registration form into an if / else statement OR you could create a custom table that would hold that information - which would make it more dynamic. More info on the Custom Table API

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