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Les Girvan asked on September 15, 2021 10:25

Hi Guys,

In older versions, I think upto v9 delivery methods were able to be linked to payment type, however, that was changed and is no longer a default feature.

It has turned out with a client that we need to now be able to make certain items available to collect only from store and not allow delivery of these items.

As such, looking to see if you are aware of a way in which we can add this functionality to our site

Regards Les

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Les Girvan answered on September 15, 2021 12:41

Hi Guys,

I have found that in v11x by de-selecting the 'needs shipping' on the product and de-selecting 'Allow if no shipping is supplied' stops an order with this deselect, I can get the checkout to default to the collection option, however, if the order also includes other items in the order that can be shipped, the order will complete allowing the other options to be selected, which includes delivery.

So I suppose my question now is if there is a way to stop this?

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