Like/recommend button on documents (not facebook like button)

Kàren Vaganyan asked on April 6, 2016 22:48

Is there some sort of native functionality in Kentico that would provide the ability to add a like or a recommend button to a document? Or perhaps something that I could leverage and use in a custom web part that would reach a similar result. Links to documentation or examples would be appreciated!

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Bryan Soltis answered on April 6, 2016 23:04

Hi Karen,

There is not a "Like" feature out of the box, however, you may be able to leverage the Content Rating web part. This control allows you to "vote" on any page of content. Normally, this is implemented with a sliding scale (1-5, etc.), however, you could set the "Max rating value" = 1. Then you could change the "result" message to "Total Like: {1}" or something. Basically, you would be using the rating control with a single value, to simulate a "like" feature.

  • Bryan
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