Lazy Load Repeater with Postback instead of Query String

Irina K asked on February 8, 2019 17:34

I've implemented the lazy loader from here:

I've followed the instructions and set it to use Lazy Load as described. All is working well. However, I need to use it with a filter and with an update panel surrounding the filter + repeater so that it doesn't refresh the page. To make this work, I also need the paging to be via PostBack paging mode.

The original configuration with query string works correctly but as soon as I set Paging Mode = Postback I'm getting the results from the first page.

From the code, it seems this only supports the Query String paging mode and that I would need to modify the code to make this work but since the Postback mode is available as an option just thought I would reach out and see if anyone was able to make this work with Postback? Is there some configuration I'm missing perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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