Kentico won't load page with reporting widget

Wei Wang asked on September 7, 2022 14:28


I've created a report in reporting tool and the query result in report review looks good. Then I created a page and try to add the reporting widget. Once I select this report I created in the reporting tool the page crashes, error code "Out of Memory". I've tried to clear the cache, reboot the machine, reboot the database server, no help. Still get the same error. What else can I do to resolve the issue? I don't know if out of memory means my PC is out of memory or Kentico system is out of memory or what? It's Kentico 9 portal engine version.

Thanks, Wei Wang

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Eugene Paden answered on September 8, 2022 17:03

Can you share a screenshot of the error? How much memory does your Kentico server have?

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