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E Marchioni asked on May 26, 2014 16:30

I have the following tree structure scenario:

- Home
- Shows
--- Show
---- Show Home Page
---- Show Generic Page
---- ...

I would like to use the 'Show' page as a container with common shared components inherited to child nodes. When the user visits '/shows/show', they are redirect to '/shows/show/show-home-page', but I want the URL to read '/shows/show'

Kentico currently does something like this with the 'root > site home page' redirect. Can this be done in Kentico for other pages on the content tree?

Thanks, Enzo

Recent Answers

Milan Kačurák answered on May 27, 2014 03:32

You can play around with Path or pattern property in the Properties - URLs to achieve this functionality.

  1. Set the Path or pattern property of Show document to something like /shows/show-masterpage (must be different from /shows/show)
  2. Set the Path or pattern property of Show Home Page document to /shows/show (now the Show Home Page document has the url you need)
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