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John Jones asked on September 24, 2018 23:27


I'm tasked with performing multiple upgrades to a Kentico web application project. I have a development environment and a production environment. I want to perform the upgrades separately on the development environment (e.g. K9 -> K10 -> K11).

  1. Can I upgrade my development environment directly from K9 -> K10 then K10 -> K11 and just launch the files and database to the production environment directly?

  2. If the answer to 1. is no do I need to perform the upgrade directly on the production environment? (I don't like this idea, but just thought of asking)

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on September 24, 2018 23:34

not quite sure about "launch the files and database to the production environment directly"... I guess First of all you need make a copy of DB, then restore your production environment locally. Upgrade DB and your code. I would create a new web site in production, you can generate a development licence for that. I would run in parallel 2 sites: old and new to make sure everything works. When you are happy with upgrade you can archive the old version, and generate a new license for the upgraded one. There is net version upgrade and tons of other changes.

There is a good article: Multi-version Upgrades: Alternate Approach. You will find all the answers there :). You need to have instance of 10 and 11 and every time you after you lunched your sql upgrade script you need to connect with an appropriate instance /admin and check event log for the START and FINISH events in event log.

I also check UPGRADE event. I recommend to copy CMS\CMSSiteUtils\Import\ and \CMS\CMS\CMSSiteUtils\Import\ from upgrade package to appropriate folders in your instances. You find these files in upgrade folders after you install corresponding upgrades. When you start the app the system will look for these files. You event log should not have any errors.

K 10: Steps before you start the upgrade

K 11: Steps before you start the upgrade | Steps After Upgrade

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