Kentico transformations for node name from node guid

Matthew Butler asked on June 28, 2022 18:06

I was previously storing the Node ID in the DB, and using the uni selector to select a given node.

Then for the user interface I used "#transform: cms.node.nodename" against the node id.

I then realised I can't used the node IDs with CI so I switched to Guids, but now the transforms don't work.

What is the correct approach?


Correct Answer

Matthew Butler answered on June 29, 2022 18:08

I ended up creating a module

protected override void OnInit()
    UniGridTransformations.Global.RegisterTransformation("#nodeName", NodeName);

private static object NodeName(object parameter)
    return DocumentHelper.GetDocuments()
                .WhereEquals(nameof(TreeNode.NodeGUID), ValidationHelper.GetGuid(parameter, Guid.Empty))
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