Kentico Smart Search not working properly

Mani SJ asked on June 9, 2021 05:06

I created a custom smart index(with analyzer type simple), in the rebuild function I added two lucene documents. One has content "product" and other has content "product" and I have a field "capacity" in both. one's value is 20 and other 40. In my smart search result web part. I choosed my index, search options as FULL, search condition has +Capacity:int(20). I am getting two result after entering search text "Product". I got the search condition as +(Product) +_culture:([en-us TO en-us] [invariantifieldivaluei TO invariantifieldivaluei])+capacity:10000000020 by debugging smart result web part. I pasted that condition in Luke tool. Its showing 1 result.I am expecting kentico result to be 1 but its 2. Is this a bug in kentico? I am using Kentico V12

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Mani SJ answered on June 11, 2021 02:07

@Kenneth Joseph. I am using portal engine. Changing the search mode(in search dialog webpart) from Any word to All words fixed mine.

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