kentico pesonalization

innovix solutions asked on October 7, 2019 19:51

I have referenced personalization from Dancing Goat project.I created condtion types like below. if some condition meet return true from that condtion type.But how to know that coditon return true or false from other places (like widgetcontroller,class file etc).Thanks.

using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;

using CMS.ContactManagement;

using DancingGoat.Personalization;

using Kentico.Forms.Web.Mvc; using Kentico.PageBuilder.Web.Mvc.Personalization;

[assembly: RegisterPersonalizationConditionType("DancingGoat.Personalization.IsInContactGroup", typeof(IsInContactGroupConditionType), "Testing Group BG", Description = "Testin1", IconClass = "icon-app-contact-groups")]

namespace DancingGoat.Personalization { /// public class IsInContactGroupConditionType : ConditionType { /// [EditingComponent("DancingGoat.ContactGroupSelector", Order = 0, Label = "")] public List

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