Kentico Media folder missing after upgrade

Brian Brown asked on January 28, 2022 18:38

After our upgrade to Kentico 10 the media folder was missing, I copied from out backup. Everything looks good on website and media library. I can create new media libraries, new folders, edit photos. However I cannot upload a new image. Nothing happens, no error and nothing in event log. I'm fairly certain my permissions are correct on folders. Anywhere else I can check?

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Petr Dvorak answered on January 28, 2022 20:29

Check your browser console (F12) if you see any errors there.

If you upgraded an existing installation, do not forget to clear browser cache. Try the upload in an anonymous browser session to be sure you are not using cached scripts from the old version.

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Dmitry Bastron answered on January 31, 2022 05:54

As Petr mentioned, in F12 menu alongside with the console error there could be an error during the request execution. Switch to the network tab, try uploading new image and see if the request in the network tab fails with some more meaningful error.

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