Kentico cms smart search is not working properly

Lokendra Jain asked on August 27, 2018 11:01

Hi All,

We are working on Kentico CMS version 9. We have created smart search indexes.

  1. Library index, Page Type-> CMS.Files, Path-> /Libray/%

  2. SiteSearch Index, Page Type -> Paged Menu Item. Path-> /%

We have attached the search indexes on the search result webpart.

When we are searching in file or document its not showing proper results. When we are searching with exact phrase its showing the document but not on the top of the search result.

Can anyone please suggest me what could be the solution for this ?



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Peter Mogilnitski answered on August 27, 2018 15:36 (last edited on August 27, 2018 15:45)

The score depends on a used analyzer (see documentation). What anylizer type is to use? - depends on the nature of data that you trying to index. Read the doc and experiment with analyzer types for your index.

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Eric Dugre answered on August 30, 2018 20:22

I would also recommend that you take a look at some articles regarding Lucene scoring, as it is quite complex:


You could consider boosting fields/terms to adjust the results as well:

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