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Terrel Schimpf asked on January 14, 2016 22:20

I have the twitter feed webpart working on my site in test the only issue is I really only want to display the twitter feed on the site and not allow users to reply or post. It appears the std Twitter feed allows for this. I have been unable to find out how to disable and make it just read only. Any suggestions?

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Dawid Jachnik answered on January 15, 2016 08:20


You can't do it with Twitter feed, you can read more on

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Laura Frese answered on January 15, 2016 18:21 (last edited on January 15, 2016 18:26)


There are a few social networking web parts that will provide just a twitter feed in the Kentico Marketplace. Personally, I am biased towards my Social Integration web part, which works with v 8 & 9. If you only want the twitter feed, just leave the other fields in the web part settings blank.

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