Kentico 8.2 and .Net 4.6 Compatibility

Patrick Schaller asked on October 30, 2015 21:47

I am trying to find out if Kentico 8.2 is compatible with .Net 4.6 yet but can't seem to find it in the documentation. I'd really like to save myself the trouble of installing it just to see if it works. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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David te Kloese answered on October 31, 2015 00:35


Kentico wrote an article about this in April:

What about ASP.NET 4.6?

ASP.NET 5 is not only version which is in progress. Microsoft is preparing another new version called ASP.NET 4.6 (currently in preview along with ASP.NET 5). This version is an evolution of the current framework and will probably not contain too many ground-breaking changes. We have already tested this version using Kentico and there are only small issues which can be resolved quite easily. My hope is that ASP.NET 4.6 will be supported as part of with Kentico 9, but this will depend mainly on the release that of ASP.NET 4.6.

Haven't seen any other comments about it, so pretty sure it won't be fully compatible with version 8.2. But just to be sure I'd contact Kentico Support (


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