Kentico 13 Smart Search not working with Local Indexes

Akhilesh Sehgal asked on May 23, 2023 12:24

We are implementing Smart Search in Kentico 13. In our initial we had enabled the search feature, followed by adding local indexes (I added a local index with name "DefaultSearchIndex"). For the indexes we have set the path to a page with sub pages so that search results are considered from sub pages. After doing the configuration when I search from the admin panel under Local Indexes>DefaultSearchIndex>Search preview, I get the correct result.

Now, the issue I am facing is that I want to use the same index at controller end to return a custom view. Here I used the code provided in documentation also shown below

 //Prepares variables required to perform the search operation
            IEnumerable<string> searchIndexes = new List<string> { "DefaultSearchIndex" };

            int pageNumber = 1;
            int pageSize = 1000;
            UserInfo searchUser = MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser;
            string cultureCode = "en-us";
            /* Indicates whether the search service uses site default language version of pages as a replacement
            for pages that are not translated into the language specified by 'cultureCode' */
            bool combineWithDefaultCulture = true;

            // Prepares a 'SearchParameters' object to search through indexes of the 'Pages' type
            SearchParameters searchParameters = SearchParameters.PrepareForPages(searchQuery, searchIndexes, pageNumber, pageSize, searchUser, cultureCode, combineWithDefaultCulture);

            // Searches the specified indexes
            SearchResult searchResult = SearchHelper.Search(searchParameters);

You can see that I have added the index but when I call this API, this is not returning any results using the index name of the local index.

Secondly, when I rename the Local Index to "Search", this returns the results but for all the nodes, that is it is not considering the selected path in the Indexed content.

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Eric Dugre answered on May 25, 2023 21:43

What is the searchPath variable, and why are you calling Replace() on it? This will generate an invalid path, e.g. if the path is "/Articles/2023" your code will change it to "Articles2023/%"

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Akhilesh Sehgal answered on May 30, 2023 10:43

I was using that for some other condition which I forgot to remove in above question. Still unable to get the result

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Eric Dugre answered on May 31, 2023 20:38

Can you confirm that the local index files are present in the /AppData/CMSModules/SmartSearch folder of the live site application?

If they are not there, please check that your web farms are configured properly and tasks are being processed: If everything looks okay, can you please try rebuilding the index in the CMS admin UI? This should generate a web farm task to generate the index files on the live site application as well.

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Amal Almulla answered on July 4, 2023 13:24

why are you using "SearchResult searchResult = SearchHelper.Search(searchParameters);:?

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