Kentico 13 line item tax

Matthew Butler asked on October 26, 2022 09:35

What is the best way to apply tax against each line item.

Our pricing is quite complex and we have our own implementation of a bundle, with potentially differing Tax codes. I'm currently calculating the price in the IProductPricingService and recalculating the price to get tax tax in ITaxCalculationService, but its causing issues as would like to display tax by line, and need to sync line items with 3rd party etc.. so would like to save the tax at the point of calculating the cart line item.

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Matthew Butler answered on October 26, 2022 10:24

Current thought

  1. Create Unit price + tax IShoppingCartCalculator - Calculate unit price and tax, store CartItemGUID and value in TaxSummary
  2. Register custom IShoppingCartCalculationFactory
  3. On external sync lookup Tax from TaxSummary


I'm not overly keen on the use of TaxSummary, but think it would require significant customisation to add TotalTax to ShoppingCartSKU.

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