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Matthew Butler asked on June 17, 2022 12:52

I've setup our local dev environment to use CI (through PowerShell) and each developer has their own db, this works well.

I'm not looking to setup a dev build on Azure app service, using YAML pipeline to build and deploy, and wanted to get suggestions on best approach to setting up/running CI.

My current thoughts are,

  1. Extract and run CI in the pipeline, but I'm setting connection strings in the app settings, so they're not in the pipeline (although I could do a web transform), also our SQL db is restricted to the web app and our office, so not sure how I would allow Agent VM access

  2. Use an azure function although no real idea how it will connect to the file system etc..

  3. Execute CI FileSystemRepositoryManager.RestoreAll on admin start up, but not sure on implications, as recommended to run externally

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Matthew Butler answered on June 23, 2022 18:39

I've ended up using the post deployment script to run CI on the Azure service, and it appears to work well

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Cms Learner answered on October 21, 2022 00:44

Hi Matthew, Whats your architecture like on Azure App service. Are you using docker image of Kentico ? Thank you.

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