Kentico 12 MVC Forms submit not working

Al Burns asked on August 20, 2019 17:31

Hi. I have created a simple form in the Forms application with a submit action to redirect to a thankyou page in the site - URL set as I have also enabled PageBuilder in my startup code.

The form is added to my view page via the Form widget and displays correctly. However, when I click submit it redirects to the following URL and just displays the json object:


I cannot see from the documentation anything additional that I need to do. Can anyone assist me with where this has gone wrong?

Many thanks.

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Dmitry Bastron answered on August 20, 2019 17:37


Do you have @Html.Kentico().PageBuilderScripts() rendered on your page according to the documentation? I had a similar problem and this one helped.

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Al Burns answered on August 21, 2019 11:38

Yes, that was the problem. Many thanks for your reply!

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