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Rod Carter asked on June 4, 2022 00:37

I am running into inconsistencies in creating a local version of our site. I can create a new site using the 11 wizard and then upgrade to 11.0.26. From there I export the site from the DEV server and attempt to import to my local site. The import seems to hang on Import Settings Keys and never finishes. From there the site becomes unreachable. Any help would be appreciated. Or suggestions to get a local site working outside of the export/import option.

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Brian McKeiver answered on June 4, 2022 16:30

See my previous answer to the question in this thread.

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Rod Carter answered on June 7, 2022 13:29

Thank you Brian. I have not used CI but have done content staging - typically from DEV forward. This was as case of building a local instance from scratch and synching. Had not considered performing a stage back down to my local PC but that should work as well. Incidentally, the import worked. Seemed to time out and get stuck but that may be because I had my local instance as http and the DEV site was https. Once I set my local IIS to https I was able to access the site.

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