Kentico 10 form error on Chrome- An invalid form control with name='' is not focusable

Ron Rainey asked on January 31, 2022 18:51

The form submit button does not work on Chrome. We're using the default forms and it looks like chromes browser side validation is not playing well with Kentico's required form fields. I found this on stack overflow-

We don't have any hidden required fields or anythign like that, its a simple classified submission with calendar date pickers and standard info fields out of the box.

The solution mentions the submit button needs to be explicitely **

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Ron Rainey answered on January 31, 2022 19:03

Ha found the answer- there is another login form hidden by our paywall provider... the joys of 3rd party vendors.

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Ron Rainey answered on January 31, 2022 18:56

Updte: just realized the error is due to the email field. I think it has something to do with how kentico's form controol for email is set up vs chrome validation.

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