K11 Make Repeater into an Unordered List

Heather Aluma asked on May 19, 2023 19:30

Hi. I am wondering if/how I can add semantic html or aria roles to a transformation to make it an ordered list. Each item that repeats would be the list items (li) and the entire group of them would be the unorder list (ul). This is the transformation that I am working with:

<h2><%# Eval("DocumentName") %></h2>

<cc1:CMSRepeater ID="CMSFAQ" runat="server" ClassNames="CMS.FAQ" StopProcessing="true"
 Path='<%# Eval("NodeAliasPath") + "/%" %>'
 OrderBy = "NodeLevel, NodeOrder, NodeName" >

<script runat="server"> 
protected void Page_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e)
  CMSFAQ.StopProcessing = false; 

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Liam Goldfinch answered on June 23, 2023 23:14

Did you manage to sort this?

You need to look at the content of the transformation in the Page Type "CMS.FAQ" called "QuestionAnswer_Custom".

You should be able to modify the contents of that view to be the li element, and add any aria roles.

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