JS and CSS Files Not loading in admin Page view (Page can't be found)

lawrence whittemore asked on June 4, 2021 18:34

javascript and css files are be recreated (with long urls) in the page view and are throwing an error. The urls look like this http://localhost:8051/Intranet2021/cmsctx/pm/6415b8ce-8072-4bcd-8e48-9d7178b826b7/culture/en-US/wg/a30c7f05-b94c-47a9-8cbd-48d0ab8b9d9e/readonly/0/ea/1/h/7d264dadd7702baba4cdd66e4b718ed369a2fee8a2c197e28ee0ecdbf536642a/-/flexslider/flexslider.css

Also, I feel like this has just recently started and was working properly earlier...

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lawrence whittemore answered on June 4, 2021 20:02 (last edited on June 4, 2021 21:27)

I seem to only be getting these in Edge if that helps anyone.

EDIT; nevermind, the files still don't load, but the errors don't show in chrome, just in the edge console. They also don't show in event log either.

EDIT # 2: They also don't show for me in the dancing goat installation.

EDIT # 3: and now they are not showing again.... weird

EDIT # 4: i think it is related to the issue here https://devnet.kentico.com/questions/page-builder-error

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